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Corrosion Protection 
VCI - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor

A complete line of anti-corrosion coatings, liquids, and oils to protect metal parts at all stages of their lifecycle, such as manufacture, storage, and shipment. Antirust packaging (VCI) is the best choice in metal markets where corrosion prevention is critical for Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Aluminium, Copper, Silver, and much more.

There is a VCI solution to meet your needs during manufacturing, storage, and shipment:

  • Aerospace & Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Export shipping

  • Heavy equipment

  • Military

  • Precision metal machining

  • Steel, railroad, foundry, stamping, and others

  • Underground pipes and tubing

** Customizations available upon request.
Authorized Distributor of Daubert Cromwell Products for Western Canada.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to Use

  • Optimal Layout

  • Quick VCI Protection

  • Resistant to High Heat Temperatures

  • Scratch Resistant Properties

  • Several Grades

VCI paper

VCI Papers - Sheets and Rolls

Flat VCI Bags

VCI Bags

VCI liquids

VCI Liquids

EvapoRust VCI liquid


VCI Disc

VCI Devises: Emitters, Foam, Cardboard Chips, Pouches & Packets

versil VCI


vci film

VCI Films: Sheeting, Shrink Film, Poly tubing, Stretch Film, Masking Film & Poly Wrap

VCI products 2

Military Packing

Daubert Cromwell Video

Evapo-Rust Video

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