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VCI Bags and Films

Corrosion inhibitors (VCI) are extruded directly into polyethylene films. and protect critical metal parts against the corrosive effects of common environmental agents; moisture, salt, and rust which are common during manufacturing processes, storage, and transit.
Corrosion inhibitors are not superficially applied; they are extruded directly into polyethylene films. The resulting effect is long-term corrosion protection for all surfaces, including those that are particularly challenging to reach. This corrosion protection process is nearly odorless, non-discernible, and clean. The transparent nature of the VCI film makes for easy transportation and parts identification. The metal performance will not be impacted by the protective film. And following the film’s removal, metals are ready for immediate use.

  • Affordability

  • Easy application and quick removal

  • Heat sealant properties

  • Proven corrosion protection

  • Stretchable materials provide strength and flexibility

  • Water-resistant

VCI Films for different protection levels:

  • Ferro-Film – Premium protection for ferrous metals, including steel and cast iron

  • Masking Film - Premium Metal-Guard 

  • Metal-Guard® FF Film and Bags– Foil Barrier Film and Bags

  • Nox-Rust® Poly Wrap - An all-poly VCI fabric, super tough, for wrapping steel coils.

  • Poly Bags - Premium Metal-Guard -Multi-Metal Protection

  • Stretch Film – Premium Metal-Guard stretch film

  • Silver-Guard – Protects silver pieces and components from tarnish

  • X-O Wrap Shrink Film – Wide Width, UV Stable, Shrink Film

Film sizes available:

  • Bags (Flat Bags, Engine Bags, Gusset Bags, Perforated Bags on a roll, Pre-Opened Bags on a roll, Zip-Lock Bags)

  • Bin Liners

  • Sheeting

  • Shrouds

  • Tubing

* Custom printed or designed upon request.

Authorized Distributor of Daubert Cromwell Products for Western Canada.

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