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VCI Papers

VCI Papers offer years of corrosion protection, eliminating or reducing the need for ongoing expensive coatings. The products will remain clean, dry, and rust-free. VCI Papers have special substrates which combine rust prevention properties with barrier packaging.
 VCI papers come in a variety of grades.

  • Larger or irregular-shaped products should be protected with heavier grades of paper, while smaller parts with lighter basis weights.

  • Coated papers protect against damaging grease and moisture, preventative nature of barrier packaging.

  • Laminated grades provide protection against the environment, including rust.

Metal types require different protection levels: 

  • Ferrous Metals: require long-term corrosion protection, such as Nox-Rust Vapor Wrapper, Ferro-Pak, or Protek Wrap.

  • Multi-Metal: requires Uniwrap MPI papers.

  • Specialty Metals: require either Coppertex,  Alumitex,  Silver Saver, or Silver Guard products.

       Features and Benefits:

  • Ease of use

  • Friendly work layout

  • Offered in several grades

  • Resistance to abrasion and scratches

  • Resistant to high temperatures

  • Quick VCI protection

  • Tensile strength​

  • Sold per sheets that can be used to create bags, shrouds, covers, and liners

*Custom printed or branded upon request.
Authorized Distributor of Daubert Cromwell Products for Western Can

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