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VCI Devices

VCI Devices extend the life of various metals by emitting protective compounds that add to corrosion preventive packaging. They can be placed or inserted into small and hard-to-reach places that have metals. 
Many times VCI devices are just used to add to already existing corrosion protection by boosting the amount of VCI that is available. In certain situations, a VCI chip or pouch can be added to a standard poly bag in order to produce a level of VCI protection where there was none existed before.​​​

VCI Devices:

  • Daubrite® Disk Emitters

  • Daubrite® VCI Emitter Packets

  • Nox-Rust® VCI Powders

  • Pouches

  • VCI Chipboards

  • VCI Foam


Authorized Distributor of Daubert Cromwell Products for Western Canada.

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