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Ideal for corrosion protection of interior metal surfaces of enclosed systems, for ferrous metals as well as aluminum. It’s also ideal for preserving equipment that needs to undergo hydrostatic testing prior to shipping and storage. Breathable polyethylene bag filled with VCI ferrous. Water-soluble, silica-free, safe and environmentally friendly. Contain no phosphates, heavy metals or nitrites. 


  • Nox-Rust® 1000SF Powder Pouch: Protects interior metal surfaces for ferrous metals during extended periods of equipment inactivity, during storage or lay-up or hydrostatic testing. Each 8” x 11” pouch emitter protects up to 900 cu. ft. of enclosed space.  


  • Nox-Rust® VCI Powder 1000SFG:  Finely ground version of 1000SF. Use in applications where a fine powder is needed.


  • Nox-Rust® VCI Powder 1010SFG:  Silica-free, water soluble, finely ground powder. Use wet or dry. Compatible with copper, brass and galvanized steel. 


  • Nox-Rust® 1015 Pouch Emitter: Protect exposed metals, such as iron and steel alloys, inside an enclosure of up to 15 cu. ft from 6 months to 2 years. 



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VCI Powder Devices

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  • Lay-up, preservation, and mothball applications • Boilers • void spaces inside vessels Turbines • Heat exchangers • Compressors • Tubes, pipes • Power generation equipment • Mining equipment • Drilling equipment tanks steam or condensate pipe lines.

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