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Specially designed for your moving, Approx: 1,500 – 2,500 sq ft.

   15 x 1.5Cube Box
   25 x 2Cube Box
   15 x 4Cube Box
   3 x 6Cube Box
   2 x China Box
3 x Wardrobe Box and Bar 
3 x Roll of Tape
1 x Tape Gun
    1 x 25 lb  Packing Paper
    2 x Marker
1 x Utility Cutter
10 x Fragile stickers


More kits available: Moving Kits  


* Ask for a Custom Size Box for Computer, Lamps, TV, Skies, Snowboard, Special Equipment, etc.

3-Bedroom Moving Kit

  • 1.5Cube: CD's, DVD's, videos, video games, books

    2Cube: bathrooms, food, wrapped framed photos, everyday dishes, glassware

    4Cube: small appliances, gaming systems, toys, shoes, dry goods, sheets, clothes

    6Cube: blankets, duvets, comforters, pillows, cushions

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