Ideal for food packaging, chemicals, and sanitary purposes. Also known as bin liners, combo liners, or gaylord liners. Frosted bags also available.

More sizes available upon request. 

Sold per roll.


* Ask for custom sizes, styles, and thickness.

Drum & Tote Liners

PriceFrom C$199.80
  • 210610 38'' x 70''  22mic LINER FROSTED BAG(100/roll)
    4410011606 102"L x 50"W x 43"H 1.25 mil Bags (50/roll)
    DL260590 38'' x 60''  3mil  DRUM LINER (100/roll)
    DL260595 38'' x 60''  6mil CLEAR DRUM LINER - 48 gal/drum (75/roll)
    DL2806 155"L x 60"H x 48" DW8S 2 MIL POLY COVER (25bag/roll)
    DL3550-6 35" x 50"  6mil DRUM LINER BAGS (50/roll) - Food grade
    DL3860-4 38" x 60" 4mil DRUM LINER BAG (70/roll) - Food grade
    PC484860-3 48''L x 48''W x 48''D  3 mil Pallet Cover..(25/roll)
    TL5043102 50''L x 43''W x 102''D  1.25mil  TOTE LINER (50/roll)
    TL504875-2 50''L x 48''W x 75''D  2 mil TOTE LINER..(50/roll)- 6 month UCV Perforated on a roll Pallet Cover
    TL504875-4 50''L x 48''W x 75''D  4 mil TOTE LINER..(25/roll)- 6 month UCV Perforated on a roll Pallet Cover