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Ideal for shipping or mailing books, photos, stationary and presents. Easy assemble and seal with tape or glue.


  • Folder (F)
  • Vari-Depth Folder (VDF): allows being sized as required.
  • Five Panel Folder (FPF): extra-protection due to three layers of cardboard on each end. Ideal for packing long items with smaller diameters, which may be easily damaged, for example, tubes, cones, rods, light fixtures, shade rollers, umbrellas, furniture legs, window and blind components, picture frame rails, etc.


See Standard Box Catalog

Sold per box

More sizes available upon request


**Custom size and printing available.

Folder Box

PriceFrom C$0.99
  • One Piece, Self-Locking

    Environmentally Friendly - 100% Recyclable, Renewable, and Biodegradable

    Made from at least 50% recycled fiber, which includes both post-consumer fiber and material recovered and recycled within the manufacturing process.

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