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Ideal for long term corrosion protection for ferrous metal against corrosive damage caused by moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aroma, and other airborne contaminants. Metal-Guard FF replaces the 2-step process of wrapping with VCI poly and then a laminated foil barrier material. Products remain protected indefinitely, as long as the correct moisture barrier materials remain intact. After the film’s removal, metals are ready to use.


Metal-Guard® FF Barrier VCI Foil: bags and rolls

Heat-sealable, waterproof, greaseproof, and flexible.

  • Heavy-Duty:  Ideal to prevent corrosion during long-term storage, harsh climates, or shipment, such as wrapping or crating large machinery for export or smaller parts for long-term storage.
  • Light-Duty:  Ideal for hand-sealing in the field such as wrapping large machinery and/or metal components for export when crating is not used.


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VCI Barrier Foil Film

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