Kit specially designed for Realtors, it's the relevant and perfect gift to give to the new householder. Add  items as needed. Also, we can deliver the selected package to your client.

2 x 6 Cube Box
4 x 4 Cube Box
6 x 1.5 Cube Box
1/2 Bubble wrap x 50
2 x Roll of Tape
1 x Tape Gun
1 x 12.5 lb Packing Paper
1 x Marker
10 x Fragile stickers


More available  Moving Kits  

Specially designed for your moving  according to the house size.  Add  items as needed such mattres bag,  wardrobe box, etc.


* Ask for a Custom Size Box for Computer, Lamps, TV, Skies, Snowboard, Special Equipment, etc.

Basic Moving Kit

PriceFrom C$116.43