Basic Moving Kit and Moving Kits  

Specially designed for your moving  according to the house size.  Add  items as needed.


* Ask for a Custom Size Box for Computer, Lamps, TV, Skies, Snowboard, Special Equipment, etc.

Moving Kit

PriceFrom C$107.00
  • 1.5Cube: CD's, DVD's, videos, video games, books

    2Cube: bathrooms, food, wrapped framed photos, everyday dishes, glassware

    4Cube: small appliances, gaming systems, toys, shoes, dry goods, sheets, clothes

    6Cube: blankets, duvets, comforters, pillows, cushions

  • Box Specs:  Environmentally Friendly - 100% Recyclable, Renewable, and BiodegradableMade from at least 50% recycled fiber, which includes both post-consumer fiber and material recovered and recycled within the manufacturing process.