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Ideal for corrosion protection on specialty metals commonly used in electronics, aerospace, automotive and other precision parts. Designed to prevent tarnish on silver, gold, and noble metals and stop corrosion on copper, brass, bronze, copper alloys, aluminum, galvanized steel, lead alloys, and a variety of other metals.


  • Alumitex® (AT35): A 35lb./57gsm Kraft - Nitrite-free. Provides contact corrosion protection to ferrous and many non-ferrous metals including aluminum, galvanized steel and lead alloys. Protects water spotting and corrosion when in contact with metal. Use as an interleaver.


  • Coppertex® (CPTX): 35lb./57 gsm Kraft -Nitrite-free. Prevents staining and protects copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys from tarnish and corrosion. Use as a wrap and for interleaving. Also available in 60 lb. sheet (CPTX60) and chips.


  • Silver Saver® (SS) Anti-Tarnish: a 40 lb. /57gsm bleached Kraft – Nitrile free. Protects silver, gold, and noble metals from tarnish. 


Non Ferrous - Specialty VCI Papers


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VCI Non Ferrous - Specialty Paper

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