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Ideal for producing bubble on demand at 70 lineal feet/minute instead of storaging bubble, so make bubble when you need it.

The NOVUS C machine produces a variety of air cushions from large cushions to quilt/pad shapes. The NOVUS machine uses 16″ wide, low-density polyethylene film (#4). 1500′ x 1.4 mil.


Four different film configurations are available:

  • NOVUS DOUBLE CUSHION for large void full applications.
  • NOVUS SUPER-TUBE and NOVUS QUILT-AIR LARGE CUSHION for void fill, wrapping and surface protection.
  • NOVUS QUILT-AIR SMALL CUSHION  for interleaving and small bubble applications.


Sold per roll

NOVUS Bubble

PriceFrom C$437.00
    • LDPE low-density polyethylene
    • Made from 100% Recyclable material
    • #4 Recyclable

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