Ideal for marking prices on the market,  easy to load and use.


Pricing Labels

White, Coloured, Red Line, and Best Before for use on MX5500-Plus and MX6600 price label guns.

  • 1,000 labels per roll; 10 rolls per sleeve.

Sold per sleeve


Pricing Guns

  • MX5500-Plus: It prints one line with up to 8 characters. Label size: 3/4" (21mm) wide x 15/32" (12mm) high. 
  • MX6600: It prints two lines with up to 8 characters on each line. Label size: 18.4mm wide x 16mm high. Ideal when your labels require a line for price and an additional line for stock number or date (XX/XX/XX format).

Sold per sleeve 


* Also available ink roller replacements.