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Ideal for heavy loads, large metal pieces, and export shipments to keep corrosion and moisture away from steel coils, wire, machinery, etc. Resist grease, oil water, rips, tears and punctures. Heavy Duty use. Metal is ready to use after removing the VCI packaging.


    • UW94MPI Woven: 40lb /65gsm neutral natural Kraft polyethylene laminated to a 10 x 3 woven HDPE polyethylene fabric and coated with Uniwrap MPI. Ideal for coil wrap.


    • PC50 Scrim: 50 lb. / 81 gsm natural Kraft, poly coated and reinforced with tri-directional scrim for Steel Wrap. Ideal for sheeting material and interleaving between pallets and heavy steel rolls, and for wrapping irregular shapes and bulky equipment.

        Available in two corrosion inhibitor formulations:

           - PC50H Scrim: Nitrite-free protection for ferrous metals.

           - PC50MPI Scrim: Multi-metal protection.


    Multi-Metal VCI Papers

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    VCI Reinforced Multi-Metal Paper

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