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We carry a large variety of and staples from light duty hand held box stapler to fully automatic industrial staplers.


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PriceFrom C$3.00
  • 561/18 3/4" C34 STAPLE -Item 32/18 (2000/box)..(18mm C type carton staple) -Cadex
    ELJI 1/4" (6mm) STAPLE  (5000/bx) for T5-8 & p4-8
    HTS/A11 3/8" HAMMER STAPLE -galvanized similar to Arrow T50 & HT50, Rapid 11-3/8, & Senco H (5000/bx)
    JK53-15 5/8"  -15 mm  Staple for B53 or F53 Josef Khilberg Stapler (10M/box)
    JK561/15 5/8"  STAPLE  A - 35/15 galvanized- for JOSEF KIHLBERG stapler JK561 (16021012) (2500/bx)- Similar to SW9040
    JT21-38 3/8" Arrow #276 Staples (1000/bx) for JT21M, JT21CM, T27, 5650, 5650DTC & Stanley TR45
    SB103020 1/2" galvanized STAPLE (2500/bx) - Stanley Bostitch for use P50-10B
    SP10DK 3/8" BOSTITCH STAPLE (1000staples/bx-12bx/cs) for T10 stapler
    SP19-14 1/4" (6mm) STAPLE - BOSTITCH  (5000/bx) for Stanley-Bostitch P3
    ST50-14 1/4"  STAPLE - STANLEY (5000/bx) for ARROW T50 & RAPID H-11- similar to T50 1/4"
    STCR-5019-14-JK694/6 1/4" STAPLE  694/6 (5000/bx) - MADE IN SWEDEN by Josef Kihlberg- similar to STCR 5019-14
    STCR2115-38 3/8" (9mm) B8 STANLEY BOSTITCH STAPLE (5000/bx) - for Stanley/Bostitch B8P (02245) stapling plier
    STCR5019-12 1/2"leg &-1/2"crown  galvanized STAPLE(5000/bx) -  A1112 Steel Head Chisel point
    STCR5019-12-G 1/2"leg &-1/2"crown  galvanized (^) STAPLE(5000/bx) - Similar to STCR5019-12
    STCR5019-14-6M 1/4" STAPLE -STANLEY-BOSTITCH (6000/bx) for Bostitch ET5-8, H30-8, PC4000, PC5000, P4-8, P4-8P, P6C-8, T15, T15-C,T5-8
    STH5019-38 3/8" STAPLE -Used in Bostitch P6C-8, P6C-8P and ST694 series staples
    SW7437-15 5/8"Leg x 1-3/8"Crown  COPPER STAPLE - CADEX  (2000/bx)
    SW7437-18 5/8"Leg x 1-3/8"Crown  COPPER STAPLE - CADEX  (2000/bx)
    SW7437-716 7/16" STAPLE - Stanley Bostitch  (2400/bx)
    SW9040 7/8" STAPLE - Wide crown - Stanley Bostitch (2000/bx)
    TRA205 5/16" LD STAPLES - for Arrow JT21 & StanleyTR45 (1000/bx -10bx/cs)

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