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Ideal for corrosion protection for exposed metals such as steel, copper, zinc and multi-metal parts against moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other contaminants. Economical, safe and easy to install. Self-stick onto a flat surface, such as the back of metal cabinets, containers, walls, etc. Ultra-thin lightweight that fit in tight spaces. Daubrite® disks are 2-3/16" round & up to only ¼" high.

Sold per per case of 50 disks.


  • Daubrite® 5: disk protects 5 cu. ft. of space
  • Daubrite® 10: disk protects 10 cu. ft. of space

Sold by case (50 units per case)


** Lead time will be confimed when we received the order.

VCI Disk Emitter Devices

PriceFrom C$182.64
  • Exposed metals in junction boxes, control panels. • Electronics and telecom equipment. • Steel enclosures • Utility & Tool boxes • Gun cabinets • Mechanical controls • Alarm cabinets

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