Ideal for long term corrosion protection for ferrous metals, such as iron and steel during all stages of packaging, shipping and storage, against moisture dirt and dust particles and other contaminants.Ideal for covering brakes, wheels, engines and other automotive assemblies and parts. After of the film’s removal, metals are ready to use.


  • Ferro-Film®: LDPE film, heat sealable. Standard 4 mil /green (other thicknesses and colours upon request)


  • Ferro-Film® XP -Military-Qualified: Corrosion-inhibitor film against oil, water and moisture, and puncture. Clear, transparent, military-required print that is clean and won’t rub off. Ideal for converting into heat-sealed bags for military packaging. Used by military suppliers and contractors required to use government-specified packaging. (“Qualified Product List” for Mil-PRF-22019 -U.S. government’s highest standards for corrosion inhibitor polyethylene packaging). Standard 5 mil.


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VCI Ferro-Film®