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Ideal for a heavy-duty / long term corrosion protection for large equipment and machinery stored outdoors to keep clean, dry and corrosion free. Great for bulky shapes and non-standard dimensions. Thick, heat sealable, UV stable, flexible, opaque, durable and puncture resistant. After of the film’s removal, metals are ready for immediate use.

Standard 6 & 10 mils - Blue or White. 


  • Ferro-Film® X-O Wrap: Corrosion protection for ferrous metals.
  • Premium Metal-Guard® X-O Wrap: Keeps multi-metal parts clean, dry, and rust-free.
  • General Purpose® X-O Wrap: Keeps the load secure and keeps out dust, dirt, moisture, and contaminants.


*Custom size and thickness available, up to 32' wide & 10 mil.


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VCI X-O Wrap Shrink Film

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