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Ideal for protecting equipment and electronics against corrosion, moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other contaminants in the environment. Protection for steel, copper, zinc, and multi-metals. Ready and easy to use


  • Daubrite® Foam Cushions: Ideal for export shipments, not affected by humidity, condensation, dirt, or changes in the exterior environment. Leaves no residue to affect performance, and is non-abrasive, soft and flexible. The Standard VCI foam is blue. Sold per cases of 10” x 10” x 1/4” pads; 250 pads / case


  • Daubrite® 3F VCI Foam Emitters: Ideal for protection inside small spaces  Small, thin, and lightweight. Does not interfere with the performance of electrical or mechanical equipment. Non-toxic, safe and fully recyclable. Individually wrapped in 1” x 3” piece (protects 1 cu. ft. (28 litres) for up to 2 years). Other sizes and types of cut foam are available. Approved for U.S. military shipboard applications.


* Available in custom sizes and rolls.

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VCI Foam Devices

Lead time & Price will be confirmed - Minimum may apply
  • Fuse boxes • Circuit breakers • Firearms storage • Telephone relays • Tool boxes •Metal parts storage • Electronic equipment control panels and cabinets • Telecommunications equipment • Marine navigation and communications equipment

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