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Ideal for maximum and long-term anti-corrosion protection for ferrous metals, such as steel, cast iron, and chrome.


Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper® VCI Papers:

  • VW35D: 35 lb./ 57 gsm Kraft. Also available nitrite-free (VW35DH). Ideal for steel corrosion protection.


  • VW60D: 60 lb./98 gsm Kraft. Stronger paper, superior strength, heavier basis weight, and tear resistance than VW35D so it is ideal for packaging heavier parts. Also available nitrite-free (VW60DH).


  • VW100D: Two 40 lb./65 gsm Kraft sheets laminated with 10 lbs./16 gsm of polyethylene - Nitrite-free. Rigid, laminated substrate, tear resistant, additional strength and moisture barrier. Strong and moldable for packaging small parts.


  • PC55D: 40 lb./65 gsm Kraft and coated with polyethylene - Nitrite-free. Provides moisture and grease barrier together with excellent water shedding characteristics. Also available in 60 lb./98 gsm (PC75D) - Nitrite-free. For applications where greater tear strength and puncture resistance are required.


Sold per case or roll.


Ferrous VCI Papers

                                                 **** Ask for a quote for not stock items

VCI Nox-Rust® Paper

PriceFrom C$100.62

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