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Ideal for rust protection for ferrous metals, such as steel, cast iron, and chrome, from corrosion.


  • PW30: General protection where no barrier is required. Also available nitrite-free (PW30H) and waxed (PW31). 
  • PW32: General protection, also available nitrite-free (PW32H) and with wax coating for applications where paper needs to mold easily around the part.
  • PW33: Specially formulated wax for enhanced molding and barrier properties. Ideal for hand wrapping small and oddly shaped metal parts against corrosion-causing elements in the environment during storage and shipment. Also available nitrite-free (PW33H) and in several basis weights.
  • PC50 Scrim: Reinforced, poly coated, with tri-directional scrim. Ideal for sheeting material and interleaving between pallets and heavy steel rolls, heavy duty protection, and for wrapping irregular shapes and bulky equipment. Available nitrite-free (PC50H Scrim) and multi-metal protection (PC50MPI Scrim).


* See Ferrous VCI Papers for more information.

*Custom size and printing options are available.

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VCI Protek Wrap® Papers

PriceFrom C$144.00

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