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Ideal for protecting equipment and electronics against corrosion, moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other contaminants in the environment. Ready and easy to use


  • Daubrite® 5 VCI Emitter Pouch: Ideal for protection inside small spaces  Small, thin, and lightweight. 5 cu. ft.  disk emitter individually sealed in a 4” x 4” x 1/4" pouch. Protects 5 cu. ft.  50 packets / case.


* Available in custom sizes and rolls.

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*** Item not available online

VCI Pouch Devices

Lead time & Price will be confirmed - Minimum may apply
  • Fuse boxes • Circuit breakers • Firearms storage • Telephone relays • Tool boxes •Metal parts storage • Electronic equipment control panels and cabinets • Telecommunications equipment • Marine navigation and communications equipment

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